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19 December 2008 @ 09:57 pm
So Macy's laid me off today... sons a' bitches... and to top it off they want me to work tomorrow.
Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated
09 December 2008 @ 09:58 pm
So I had an interesting day today.. It started with being driven in by my mom because my parents had to bring Josh's car into the shop for some work. I got there 15 minutes early and things were pretty slow, the men's dept was pretty neat (my job is to neaten things up when they get messy, basically I fold clothes all day).

I was folding some sweaters and I see Mrs. Piasecki (High School sewing and designing homes teacher) so I called out to her and she was all happy and excited to see me, gave me a hug :). I asked her of she was still teaching at Timberlane and she said "Nope! I retired, I've been into painting and personal training" I was like "good for you! I've been hearing about a lot of people retiring, I saw Mrs. Reuben (geometry teacher) the other day and she said the same thing." She said "Yeah, teacher expectations have changed and I wasn't really spending time with the kids anymore, I was always on the computer or something." Come to find out a lot of people have retired; Mr. Hanscome (history/ecomomics), Coach Periseau (health/wellness/football), Ms. Zehnter (bitch art teacher who told me I wasn't any good at what I did, I went back to visit her after getting into NHIA so I guess me getting into art school was a sign of her doing something wrong). I said to her "Yeah, Timberlane would put a couple nails in that coffin (referring to retiring)" and she cracked up. So seeing her put me in a super-good mood.

Shortly after that I took my lunch and went to Dunks to get a medium hot chocolate and a plain bagel with cream cheese. While I was eating in the food court my parents dropped off the keys to the car so I could drive home (they got me an awesome parking spot, too! :D I walked out after work and was like "kick ass!" when I saw where the car was parked)

Now onto the interesting/comical part of my day. I got my period and didn't have a spare pad so I had to run to CVS in the mall. I got a small pack of what I normally use and a Hershey's bar, because lets face it, I wanted my damn chocolate fit. So I walked out after I made my purchase, CVS bag in hand and saw that there was a guy from a candy store giving out... free chocolates! score! I grabbed a mint one, shoved it in my mouth and started walking back to Macy's. This guy from a stand probably 5 feet from where I acquired my delicious chocolate treat comes up to me and says "miss, can I ask you a few questions?" I still had my mouth full, so I motioned to him that I was eating and didn't want to be rude by talking with food in my mouth, but he didn't seem to understand that so I snarled at him through my teeth "I have to get back to work" and he was like "whoa, whoa, sorry..." I start up with the walking again and this guy from a cellphone booth says to me "miss, what did you buy at CVS today? I say "Nothing that you want to know about," put my hand up and walked away and as I'm walking he says in a whiny voice "but I want to knooowww". I had an afterthought of turning around and saying to him "Fine! I got a thing of pads and a chocolate bar now LEAVE ME ALONE!!" I got back and told the ladies of my venture to CVS and when I said the thing about being tempted to say the thing about the pads and chocolate to the cellphone guy they all responded with "did you say that? you should have!!" I told my mom about it when I got home, she thought it was hysterical and said the same thing as my co-workers.

But yeah... I just felt like writing about that because it was interesting.
26 November 2008 @ 01:53 am
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25 November 2008 @ 06:33 pm
Hey, I decided to make a new LJ since I'm a different person than I was when posting to Rebekahleigh06. Looking back through it, most of the entries are somewhat melancholy to be reading for me now, so I'm starting with a new, clean slate. I don't know how faithful to writing in this I'll be since life has a tendency to get in the way of being able to sit back and blog about how I'm doing, especially since half the time I don't even know.... So I'm back... maybe.